What Products to Avoid When You Have Dry Skin

Are you one of the many people who suffer from flaky, itchy, and dry skin? If your answer is yes, then we know what it feels like. 

Dry skin can lead to a lot of complications in life. It can decrease your self-confidence, make you scratch your scalp all the time, and even cause lacerations on your skin. The bottom line is, dry skin is really annoying. 

If you have dry skin, all you want is relief or at least a way to manage it. However, taking care of dry skin can be manageable as long as you know the right ways to do it. It is not as easy as 1,2,3, but it is not a rocket science either. 

Many products and treatments have been popping in the market claiming to be the ultimate cure for dry skin. Unfortunately, not all of these products are actually good for dry skin. In fact, many of them contain ingredients that may further harm your skin.

So how do you take care of dry skin? The ultimate answer to this question lies in the ingredients of the product you use. Here are specific ways to take care of dry skin:

1. Use soap or body wash with no parabens.

Those who live with dry skin usually feel the need to shower at least twice a day, especially when it’s summer. Unbeknownst to many, normal soaps or body cleansers contain parabens. Research shows that parabens can lead to skin irritation. Parabens can also penetrate the skin and can stay in body tissues for a long time. 

So, it’s generally safer for you to stay away from parabens altogether. After all, it does not hurt to use natural soaps or cleansers. Trust us, there are many innovative products out there that can fit your needs.

2. Avoid shampoo containing sulfate.

Sulfate is the main ingredient for toilet cleaners and detergents. Of course, you don’t want to use detergents or toilet cleaners on your hair, don’t you? Sulfates, like parabens, is also harmful to the skin, especially for those with dry scalps and foreheads.

Regular use of shampoos with sulfate can lead to cell damage and strip the hair of its natural oils. Doing so, sulfate makes your hair and scalp drier than ever. We are not even kidding, since Jonathan, the grooming expert from Queer Eye persistently says that. 

3. Be careful of cheap products.

As mentioned earlier, many products claim to cure dry skin once and for all. To sell these products, marketing teams decide to sell them for cheap prices to defeat the competition and stay relevant in the market.

But many cheap mainstream products will do you more harm than good. Since they are cheap, the manufacturers often sacrifice their quality. Rather than using natural ingredients, which is the best for dry skin, they use cheap synthetic ingredients instead. 

Taking care of dry skin involves being careful of the products that you use. So stick to natural products, and you will surely see your skin improve. 

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