Anti-Aging Secret of Tollund Man – Peat Mud

For many decades, fascinating discoveries have happened in the bogs of Northern Europe. A multitude of items have been pulled out of the bogs—including perfectly preserved human beings. On many of these individuals, their clothing has remained virtually intact, as has their skin. Pretty much, other than changes to the color of their skin, they are perfectly preserved human bodies. It is a fascinating feat of science.

No one knows why so many bodies were brought to the bogs of Europe as their final resting place. It’s not possible that the people living during those times knew and understood the power of the substances that lived in the bogs. Historians and scholars have speculated that maybe it was some type of sacrificial ritual. No one is sure of anything—except that the bogs played a role in the preservation of these bodies.

Tollund Man

Tollund Man is the name given to one of the bodies pulled out of the Northern European bogs. Since he was found near the town of Tollund, he got the moniker, Tollund Man. A marker stands to designate the spot where he was found. Two brothers found him when they were using their pickaxes to harvest peat from the bog. When he was found, other than his skin appearing rubbery and deflated, he was in perfect condition. You were even able to see how he died; he was killed with the thong-like device tied around his neck. What blew the minds of so many people was that this body was 2300 years old when it was found in 1950. It was mind-boggling how well preserved it was.

Tollund Man remains on display at the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark. Visitors can observe him in his glass case. It has been described as a surreal experience as if you are watching someone sleep. You can even see the light stubble on his chin. This remarkable level of preservation has led Tollund Man to become a highly studied corpse.

Scientists have done CT scans and X-rays of his body to see what clues they can derive. The scans have shown that his brain is perfectly preserved and intact. He has been autopsied so his inner organs could be studied. He is so perfectly preserved, his hair can be sampled and analyzed. The hope is that someday scientists will be able to harvest some DNA from his bones for additional studies.

There is no definitive answer for his death, outside of the object around his neck. There are no answers as to who killed him or why he was killed. At this point, archeologists suspect it may have been some type of sacrifice to the gods. During that time period, the bogs were the only thing not covered by trees, so that may answer why he was brought there. A science evolves, people hope Tollund Man can provide them with more answers about who he is and why he died.

Tollund Man is far from being the only body pulled out of the bogs. But his level of preservation made him by far the most famous.

Preservation Skills of the Bogs

Tollund Man may be the most famous of what are known as the “bog bodies,” but he was far from the only one. While the others were not preserved quite as well as he was, they were still preserved in amazing condition. What is it about these bogs that give them the ability to preserve these bodies in near perfect condition for thousands of years?

Bogs form in areas where the water basins have poor drainage. This leads to waterlogged ground, which in turn slows down the rate of decay. Over the course of many years, layers of moss begin to form. It takes thousands of years to form these layers. During that time, the moss forms a dome that eventually only has rainwater to rely on as a source. These bogs contain high levels of acid. Couple this with the cooler temperatures in this region, and you have a nature-made body preservation system.

The acid found in the bogs is what gives the skin its tanned appearance. The sphagnum moss in the bogs releases a polymer as it dies that binds to nitrogen, which further aids in preserving the body. It becomes almost like a natural mummification system.

So How Does Any Of This Pertain To Peat Mud?

Peat mud comes from the sphagnum moss contained in these bogs. Not all peat mud is the same. The highest quality peat mud can only be found in bogs in Northern Europe. Bogs like the one that hid Tollund Man for all those years is an example.

Peat mud is also renown for its anti-aging properties. European spas have been using this product for years. But as more becomes known about the benefits of this product, more people want to see what the hype is all about. To see what the hype is all about, look no further than Tollund Man.


Think about it—his body was thrown into a bog 2300 years before it was discovered. The body was so well-preserved, you can see the stubble growing on his face. His body is perfectly preserved. If you want to stop your skin from aging, why wouldn’t you want to use a product that preserved Tollund Man for 2300 years? This mud can stop the aging process of your skin. That is EXACTLY what a person wants their anti-aging product to do!

Wrapping Up

To get the best anti-aging product on the market, check out the peat mud products from Sphagnum Botanicals. Not only are there products for your body and hair, there is also a 100% peat mud face mask. When used 2-3 times per week, it can stop the aging of your skin in its tracks.

The time is now to try what Europeans have known for years. Preserve your skin with peat mud!

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