Peat therapy for anti-aging

Peat mud, the black diamond of Northern Europe, has the unique power to slow aging   

How peat suspends aging

It may sound far-fetched, but peat has the miraculous ability to temporarily stop the skin’s aging process. The reason isn’t magic – it’s natural chemistry. Peat is a rich organic substance made of peat moss, or sphagnum. As sphagnum breaks down over thousands of years in oxygen-free bogs, it releases compounds that preserve other organic matter.

Peat mud is an effective and natural treatment for wrinkles, acne, blackheads, and redness for all skin types. It has no odor or negative side effects, unlike chemical-based skincare, medications, and invasive procedures. 

The science behind peat

Peat mud is renowned for its anti-aging properties and has been used in high-end European spas for years. It is known for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. Peat is rich in humic and fulvic acids, minerals, lipids, enzymes and amino acids, which penetrate deep into the skin. 

Humic acid in particular extends the life of hyaluronic acid on the skin which slows down the formation of wrinkles. Humic acid also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, while fulvic acid balances the skin’s pH and stimulates circulation and cell renewal. After a peat treatment, the skin feels thoroughly cleansed, nourished and tightened. 

Why choose Sphagnum Botanicals? 

Not all peat is created equal. The potent peat used in Sphagnum Botanicals products is sustainably harvested from Northern European bogs with some of the highest enzyme and acid concentrations in the world. 

It is no wonder this region has a tradition of peat skin treatments that goes back centuries. Once only available in Europe and in high-end spas, we bring luxurious peat therapy into your home. Banish wrinkles, blackheads, acne, and inflammation to reveal youthful, nourished, healthy skin.  

Best anti-aging products

Wrap your body in the highest-quality peat and reap the benefits from head to toe. Our Age-Defying Therapy Peat Mud Mask is a luxurious black face mask that brightens, tightens, and refreshes. It is totally odorless and made from 100% pure filtered peat. Show your body, hair, and scalp the love too with our peat-packed body wash and conditioner. 

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