Our story: A small business on a natural skin and haircare mission

The Sphagnum Botanicals story began when Linda, our peat supplier, was looking for a good treatment for her hair and scalp issues. She tried everything under the sun. The only thing that seemed to really work was expensive peat mud therapy at a fancy Scandinavian spa.

Not wanting to spend an arm and a leg on peat treatments, Linda vowed to make her own natural hair and skin products – and to make them even better. Luckily Linda is from Estonia, a country in Northern Europe with vast bogs full of rich, pure peat.

Sustainability of peat

Today, Sphagnum Botanicals is run by three friends in Tallinn, Estonia who bring the healing powers of peat to the world. All our peat is sourced locally by Linda and sustainably harvested. Peat is produced in nature 40x faster than it is harvested in Estonia, making it an abundant, renewable resource.

Sustainability by numbers

10 tons
Peat harvested for cosmetics each year
600 tons
Tons regrown each year
Used to create products

Peat, black diamond of the Nordics

In the bogs of Northern Europe, peat forms from plant matter over thousands of years in an oxygen-free environment. It’s healing properties have been known locally for centuries. Peat naturally alleviates symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and seborrheic dermatitis, combats aging and acne, reverses hair loss, and even reduces cellulite. Peat’s effects are truly miraculous.