Who we are?

Sphagnum Botanicals was found by three good friends who were inspired by the unique properties and composition of peat.



The story of Sphagnum Botanicals begins when co-founders Indrek, Tarmo and Marius witnessed another good friend’s problem with hair growth. She tried to find a solution for her scalp problems everywhere with no success. Finally, she found help from an expensive Scandinavian spa where the key component was peat mud. Enthusiastic about the results, Indrek, Tarmo and Marius began an independent study on the effects of peat mud.


Fascinated by the effects of peat, the friends began to work with various universities to study peat mud. Learning more about the effects of peat mud on the skin, hair, and body, the friends decided to start creating peat products for everyone. Now the serious work began. They collaborated with various experts and universities to perform experiments to find the best composition of peat mud.


The first shampoo tests began. The goal was to bring a natural hair growth peat shampoo to the market.


The brand Sphagnum Botanicals was born. Our first product was Hair Growth Shampoo. The shampoo was warmly received by the customers and found great media coverage, being the first natural peat mud shampoo in the world.


Research showed that peat, with its fulvic and humic acids, is also good for relieving psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis, and that is how our Psoriasis Shampoo and Body Wash were born.

Sustainability by numbers

10 tons
Peat harvested for cosmetics each year
600 tons
Tons regrown each year
Used to create products


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